A life worth blogging about

I want to live a life worth blogging about.

I don’t mean that I want to be famous or for other people to talk about me. Days are like currency for buying experiences. I want, for myself, to live each day in a way that I can look back and remember it distinctly and feel satisfied for how I spent it. To develop thoughts worth sharing and experiences worth describing. Having them matters to me more than the actual sharing, but sharing is fun, too, if anyone is interested in reading. I probably will never blog every day, but I want every day to be worthy of a blog post.

A crucial part of that is that I want to live a life with time for blogging. Time for reflection and time to write for my own pleasure. I feel unsettled when I rush through whirlwind days so quickly and busily, going for weeks without time to even jot down thoughts in my personal journal. This is why one of my biggest goals for this year is to be less busy. It’s a constant struggle for an active, eager, over-achiever type like me.

“Live a life worth blogging about, with time for blogging.” Every day unique and full, enhanced by quiet spaces for reflection.