A Very Chill Monday

I met one of our neighbors this morning as I was coming in from my run. I said, “Hi, I’m Caroline. I just moved in here and I’ll be here all summer.” She said, “Are you from North Carolina?” She recognized my accent just from those few words! I learned that she’s from Boone. I also met her dog Molly, who looks like this: http://www.petplanet.co.uk/petplanet/images/breeds/oldenglishsheepdog12.jpg

I spent most of the day on my computer consolidating and organizing all the NOLA recommendations I’ve collected from people, and catching up on emails and such. It was a quiet day since everyone was at work and I’m on a Tuesday-Saturday schedule with the market. It was a little weird not having anyone to do stuff with, but the solitude was nice and I think I’ll enjoy having Mondays off.

A lot of us ate dinner together at the delicious Tex-Mex restaurant near our condos. I’m now extremely full from my giant shrimp quesadilla, and also sleepy even though I sat around for so much of the day. I’ll probably go to bed soon since I have to be at work at 7am tomorrow.

*brief goldfish update: I am pleased to announce that our current pets are alive and well. I named mine Breaux (pronounced bro) after the grocery store down the road from my condo. Katie subsequently named hers Beaux, just to make things confusing. But they both seem to be doing swimmingly.


  1. Will Leland - June 6, 2012 @ 9:03 pm

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