The Braeburn Backstory

Is it strange that my newest ambition is to be a Braeburn apple? This started when I was brainstorming for a blog title. I remembered an icebreaker game where I chose an apple to represent me because the fruit typically symbolizes school and learning, and also health— a few of the most important values in my life.

Since then, I’ve realized apple metaphors are much more numerous than that. The tree: deeply rooted and newly sprouting, always reaching and growing. The seeds: giant potential in tiny form, hidden within. The core: healthy and strong, or secretly rotting with a deceptively flawless exterior. Biblical parables about the production of good fruit. An apple a day. One bad apple. The apple of my eye… The apple is our archetypical fruit, and the associations we’ve given it permeate our understanding of the world.

• • •
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