catching up…

 I’ve been living without a pause the past few days so I haven’t even had a chance to type up a blog post.

Wednesday was my first office day with CCFM. Tatiana and I spent the day coloring in some of those wooden tokens I mentioned earlier and getting ready for cookbook swap planned for Saturday market. It sometimes feels like busy work, but I really like that what we’re doing is concrete and  something that obviously needs to be done. That’s part of what interns are for, to do the less crucial but still significant tasks that the regular staff is too busy for.

After work, we went to a free concert that was part of a series called Wednesdays at the Square. Several bands played at Lafayette Square, and there were lots of food vendors too. I met a couple of Tati’s Yale friends which was fun. When I got back I showered then went with Krissi to hang out with some people we had met the other day at the Boot. I went straight to bed when we got back because I was so worn out from the long day.

I slept in late the next morning. The Thursday market doesn’t start til 3pm so I didn’t have to be there til 1. It rained off and on all afternoon, but it wasn’t too bad under our umbrellas. The Thursday market is smaller so there’s less to manage, so it was just me and Kelly (one of the CCFM staff) there today. Chatting with her at the welcome tent was really fun. We alternate with Tatiana and Elisa (another CCFM staff member) on Thursdays, switching between the market and the office.

I love this job because it’s tangible. Standing outside, talking to people, lifting and carrying things, it all seems so much more authentic than sitting and staring at a computer screen all day, which is what I could be doing instead. I just can’t convey how fully content and delighted I am to have the position I’m in right now.

After market I went to a really late dinner with Katie, Krissi, and Joyce at this fantastic restaurant called Boucherie. I’ve been eating out almost twice a day, but when I was planning my summer I budgeted myself a ridiculous amount of money for food so I’m making the most of that. So far it’s been worth it all the way.

I’m writing this on Friday night but I have to be at market tomorrow morning at 6am so I really need to go to sleep now. More updates, and lots of pictures, coming soon!