Faded Glory

Faded glory. That’s the term that came to mind as I walked through the San Telmo area yesterday afternoon. Ornate, grand old buildings left to crumble. Or used like a paper napkin, with no thought to maintenance or preservation. The beauty of these buildings isn’t gone, just ignored. It makes me sad to see it.

So much of the city is like that: old beauty disregarded, or intentionally scarred with expressive graffiti. The more artistic graffiti is called “street art,” and I find it an intriguing topic. What does it all mean, I wonder? There are graffiti tours in this city, and I plan to go on one before the summer’s end.

An abandoned building in San Telmo

I just got back from a milonga, or traditional tango dance hall, and I’m exhausted. I’ll put together more comprehensive posts this weekend.

An abandoned bus in San Telmo