Halfway Over?!

It’s hard to believe I arrived here four weeks ago today. The time has gone by so quickly! I’m happy that I still have a lot to look forward to.

This week, especially, went by in a flash. Monday I had to go straight to work from the bus station immediately after returning from Mendoza. A crazy rush! I spent most of the day in the office writing introductory pieces about Mendoza and Córdoba— my first opportunity to spend time writing in the office.
Tuesday was the best day of work I’ve had thus far. I slept in, finished up the Córdoba piece from home, took a free tour of the largest Islamic cultural center in Latin America, visited the city’s first public burial ground (Recoleta Cemetery), and peeked in at a colonial Spanish church next door. All in a day of work. The photos are for blog posts that I’m going to write for the company website.

Recoleta Cemetery
Most afternoons this week I spent running and Skyping. I went out to dinner with friends a couple of times, and met Léa for coffee once to plan our next trip. For the second half of the week, work was somewhat of a combination between Monday and Tuesday, with both writing in the office and heading out to take photos of landmarks and places of interest nearby. I’m still doing the tedious formatting work on old Rio blog posts, but if that’s a required part of the entire package, I won’t complain.
Friday during work I walked down Avenida de Mayo, the heartline of Buenos Aires, from one to the other and back, taking photos of landmarks along the way. Immediately after work, I went to a Spanish tutor because my language skills still suck. Then I met with the program coordinator from Connect123, the organization that set up my internship, for a mid-summer check-in. Then I ate fried rice in Chinatown.
Saturday I slept in and then shared a fantastic brunch with my Duke and UNC friends. That afternoon we went to El Caminito, a touristy spot with colorful houses and professional tango dancers performing in the streets for spare change. I didn’t take my camera, but you can click the link if you want an idea of what it looks like. Later we went to Puerto Madero, a different neighborhood of the city, home to the modern and beautiful Puente de la Mujer, or Woman’s Bridge. I shared a late dinner with my housemates plus a couple more friends, before crashing in bed!
P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures! Not sure where the problem actually stems from, but often my blog platform or my computer refuses to upload my photos 🙁


  1. Hermanas en Honduras - July 1, 2013 @ 7:50 pm

    Fridays my favorite day… I logged on to my Gmail account so maybe if it stays logged in Papa and Nana can comment. They thought it was the best thing ever styling you tonight! Love you!!!!!!!

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