June 1st: the start of hurricane season!

This city is bursting with creativity. I spent most of my run this morning admiring the striking architecture of the houses lining the street. And I see such creativity everywhere: from the music to the art to the food to the way people decorate their shops and homes. And in instances that are hard to categorize as well: like the man I saw today riding a bicycle that he somehow attached a motor to so that he didn’t have to pedal. Or the front porch showcasing a handmade skeleton-band display.* I don’t necessarily understand all of the things I’m seeing, but it makes me happy to see such creativity in action.

I spent a good part of the afternoon exploring Magazine Street, stopping in every boutique and antique shop just to look around. That prevalent New Orleans creativity was obvious in the clothing fashioned by local designers and in the artful organization of the antiques. It was a really pleasant day, quiet because everyone else had work today but I don’t start til tomorrow.

Krissi, my other housemate, arrived shortly after I got back to the apartment. We took a trip to Walmart before going out to pizza with a bunch of the others. Now all but one of us are here, and it’s really fun just hanging out together. But we made it an early night tonight since several of us have to work tomorrow.