Muchisimo coffee and some trippy art

I went to three cafes today. Not deliberately, but I’m glad I’ve been getting as much as I can of the cafe culture here before I leave. It’s one of my favorite parts of this city: the sidewalk cafes, where you pay two US dollars for a coffee with milk, a small glass of sparkling water, and usually a small cookie of some sort as well. I’m going to miss that a lot.

I had a very productive day at work. I accomplished a lot, in part because it’s my second-to-last day, which motivated me to stay focused. Wrote two articles and edited a bunch more.

After work, I waited at my third cafe of the day (the first being before work and the second during my lunch break) for Léa to get off so that we could go together to MALBA, or the Museum of Latin American Art. They have a temporary exhibit by a Japanese woman who has hallucinations and makes art about them… like a room filled with glowing neon dots, or a sculpture called the “phallic shoe,” or a room made of mirrors and filled with lights that change colors. It was all extremely trippy.

Afterwards, we had potentially my favorite meal of the summer at a Vietnamese restaurant, where we exchanged letters and gifts. I’m really going to miss this girl.

Highlight of my day: the typical morning setup in the cafe next to my office
My third cafe today
Léa and I in one of the trippy art exhibits
such a cool exhibit
Photos can’t do it justice