Oh hey dad

Look who found me in Buenos Aires! This week Dad and June are here with Sammy and Louise Anderson, and so far I have absolutely loved having all of them here. We went to dinner together last night and tonight. Both times I came home in a great mood because of the great company 🙂

They arrived yesterday (Monday) afternoon. When I visited their condo after work, I was completely in awe at the views of the city from their 17th-floor apartment. The sun was just setting, casting an orange glow over the horizon while the first stars came out on the other side of the sky, and the building lights below started to twinkle. The street traffic sounded like the ocean. A fresh breeze swept up from the distant river. Way up there, with the buildings and cars and dogs and people so far below, Buenos Aires was beautiful.

The view from Dad’s rooftop patio

It makes me feel closer to home, to have family and neighborhood friends visiting me here. I’m not any closer physically, but every day brings me closer temporally. And their presence makes the time pass that much quicker, so in a way, it is bringing me closer to home!


  1. Susan - July 29, 2013 @ 10:19 pm

    How about the $$? Did he bring more $$?

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