Slow Vodka

I think that I have been posting too much about drinking lately, but this was a work event: Two representatives from Grey Goose visited the Slow Food office yesterday to make a presentation on the sustainability aspects of the vodka’s production. I learned a lot about how vodka is made and got to sample their new melon flavor — which was extremely impressive in how much it smelled and tasted like a deliciously ripe melon. Apparently using the “aromatic essence” of a flavor rather than an artificially created chemical “flavor extract” for taste is much more powerful and “natural.” The explanation for this complicated process went a little over my head, but it was a fascinating presentation.

Today my grocery store tour was entirely in Spanish, which is always a huge mood-booster. The ladies on the tour already knew most of the material in the curriculum, which was great, and I enjoyed trying to help with their questions about Latino food that was completely foreign to me (e.g. black sugar, peeled wheat, various pre-prepared spice packets…). Two of the women were from Puerto Rico, and it always makes Puerto Ricans smile when I tell them my dad grew up there and that I’ve seen how beautiful the country is.

Finally, here’s an non-alcohol-related photo to prove there’s more to my summer? Took it through the window of the cafe where I had lunch today:

a new take on the phrase “walking the dog”