Pamplona in the winter is like a pretty girl who is always scowling. You can tell she’s attractive, but the bad attitude ruins it. Every day, gray clouds obscure the sky and suffocate my soul.

Today Pamplona smiled.

Naturally, I spent the day shut in my room studying for the final exam I have tomorrow in Investigación de Mercados.

The only break I took (besides the regular Facebook-Twitter-Gmail-Pinterest-Snapchat-Weather app-checking cycle) was a long run along the river. Daisies and dandelions make beautiful clusters of white and yellow in the bright green grass; the river is transformed from brown to blue-green; everyone is out walking, riding bikes or just sitting enjoying the weather. It was a lovely, wistful hour for me in the sun.

One other observation: no one here wears shorts. I did a six-mile loop through the city and men, women and children alike all were wearing long pants in the 75-degree weather. Cultural norms I suppose, but it’s very strange to me. I’m not allowed to wear shorts to school because UNAV is a Catholic university, but now I’m going to feel hesitant to wear shorts just out on the street…


  1. Griffin - April 8, 2014 @ 7:23 pm

    Thanks for our post card!

    Love you!
    Aunt Brenda

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