Stunning Fantasy / Serious Fun / Snail Friend

How can one city be so beautiful? Visiting always makes me want to move to San Francisco. I know I would miss my family and East Coast friends a lot, but the sheer beauty of this place would probably be worth the distance. I’m lucky to have such wonderful friends in this city, too, who are like a breath of fresh air after the stifling loneliness of my work-from-home isolation in Nashville.

snail friend <3 the highlight of my early-morning run through Land’s End and Golden Gate Park 
We all deserve a healthy and safe community!

impromptu Robertson reunion at Coinbase

this tea shop comes with cats

potentially the only person I’ve stayed close with since high school??

this cost $14 but it’s fine because look at it

It’s hard for me to accept that this place is real.

two of my favorite people in the world!