Things to be happy about

The croissant and latte I had this morning
This cafe plays The Weepies and Regina Spektor
I’m sitting next to the window while it rains
The leaves in Prospect Park yesterday
My wolf sweater and my gray paisley scarf
The future is full of potential, even if it’s terrifyingly unpredictable
To be hosted by Brenna in her totally mod Park Slope apartment
Watching Magic Mike XXL with Brenna last night
Listening to Andrea Bocelli right now
The broccoli, onion and mushroom stir-fry I ate for dinner last night
The glass of cab sav I had after dinner
This is my favorite part of my favorite Andrea Bocelli song
The rain stopped just in time for me to walk back to Brenna’s apartment for lunch
I have wonderful friends, even if they’ll be scattered across the country/world for the rest of my life
I’m 22 and it’s okay to not have a plan