Why Today Was Wonderful

1. My breakfast: a tofu and black bean scramble (with fresh slices of avocado) on whole wheat toast.
2. I also drank a super juice called Popeye that was made of spinach, apple, lemon, fennel and kale.
3. After breakfast I stumbled upon a super cluttered, super cool junk store and bought a floor lamp for $10 and a one way sign (a legit road sign) for $15.
4. Going to work late (to make up for working late yesterday).
5. Being busy all day working on planning kids activities for the rest of the year.
6. Free samples from Sucre.
7. Telling my coworkers how much I appreciate them. More than anyone else I’ve spent time with this summer, they’ve made the past two months amazing.
8. Seven miles of running. Probably because of the power breakfast.
9. Getting to talk to all my best friends from home.
10. I started packing— so excited for Ecuador!


  1. Griffin - July 26, 2012 @ 12:55 pm

    Caroline, praying you have a safe journey home. We will miss your entries about your stay there. We love you!

    Aunt brenda

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