The view of the city from the highest point of Iroquios Park. We biked all the way from the river (past the downtown buildings you see here) to this point! About 15 miles total.

In the few weeks between my decision to visit Louisville and my visit to Louisville, I coincidentally met a handful of people who currently or previously lived there. They all enthused about their city, raising my expectations for a place I hadn’t previously heard much about.

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I’m fascinated by the culture that has been built up around Bonnaroo. It’s not just a festival, an event, a place. It’s a sense of community. An identity. An escape. A self-contained culture.

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Reducetarian Summit

I’m addicted to NYC. I keep going back and I can’t stop myself. Having such great friends there is a big part of the draw:
Zaki waited in line over an hour for this. I showed up just in time to order! Note my “coconut ash” flavor — paired beautifully with green tea pistachio!
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AT 2017

On Sunday, May 7, I slept five hours, drove five hours, rode in a shuttle van two hours, then hiked eight miles. It was a great day.

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