Caroline’s Comprehensive Coffee Consumption

If I were to blog about my life in Austin, it would largely be a blog about local cafes. I love working from home — seven years of homeschooling prepped me well for that — but I don’t feel completely whole when I’m in my apartment 23 hours of the day. (That one special hour out is reserved for my near-daily Lady Bird Lake Trail run). So on days when I have a large enough gap in my schedule without any major client calls, I bike or drive to a cafe. I haven’t compiled a comprehensive list yet of all the places I’ve been to, but I’d estimate it’s close to 15. I definitely don’t want this to be a daily habit, as one $3 coffee five days a week x 50 weeks = $750 in a year. But it feels somewhat necessary as I need the variety, and because I work much more comfortably in a cafe than in the Trilogy office downtown. (Trilogy is the parent company that founded Crossover.)

So I’ve made it my personal mission to try every Austin cafe. During the week I’ll visit and work at the ones that have wifi, and on the weekends I’ll check out the ~disconnected~ ones. I’m evaluating them on ambiance (which includes decor, seating, and personality), price, menu variety, quality of coffee, and quality of any edible offerings I sample. I’ll try to visit each one twice before making a final conclusion.

Here’s to America’s favorite drug*!

(*caffeine, if that wasn’t obvious)

EDIT: Clearly, this idea never actualized: When I was spending 10+ hours per day on my laptop for Crossover, the last thing I wanted to do was spend my free time gazing at the same screen. It was a good idea, though. Maybe some day…