Casa Rosada y Museo Evita

Getting up early this morning to go running was difficult because I had been out late for ice cream after dinner with some friends. But, as always, it was worth it. After showering, I went to a money house to exchange my last US dollars… It’ll be just enough until Dad brings me more!

Later I met up with the same friends for a tour of la Casa Rosada, the presidential offices. I saw the desk where she works! As well as a lot of the rest of the building, which has tall ceilings, lots of gold molding, and old-fashioned furniture.

After the tour we made our way back to Palermo (my neighborhood) to see Museo Evita, the museum honoring Eva Perón, who was Argentina’s beloved First Lady for two terms. She advocated for a lot of social issues, such as laborer’s rights, and won the women’s vote in Argentina. The entire country mourned when she died from cancer at age 33.

Her museum was impressively tasteful, showcasing her life from childhood to death. There were a lot of glass cases displaying her dresses and accessories– maybe she had a trademark fashion style?

Then I returned to my house, met a Brazilian boy who just moved in, and ate some dinner. Now I’m going to take a nap before heading to a party that I was invited to by some boys I met in a bar the other day… I’m excited for the opportunity to practice more Spanish!

Peruvian dinner with my favorite girls in Argentina: Reem, Sarah, Jen, and Léa. Plus Sarah’s friend!


  1. Susan - July 29, 2013 @ 10:14 pm

    Good ole Dad! and watch out for the guys you meet in bars. Not sure they really want to practice Spanish.

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