Day 0: Arrival in Spain!

Finally in Spain! Nearly 24 hours of traveling (not to mention a seven-hour time difference from Colorado) has landed me in Madrid (!!!), where I am now sitting in a cafe at the train station. Here’s what I’ve done since I left the Bolthouse ranch in Breckenridge early yesterday morning:

4:19 a.m. Arrive at transfer station (thanks, Dad!)
4:36 a.m. Leave Breckenridge in a pre-paid airport shuttle
7:16 a.m. Arrive at Denver International Airport
11:07 a.m. Flight departs from Denver (one hour delay due to snow)
4:20 p.m. Arrive in Philadelphia (where there is also snow but not as much)
6:45 p.m. Flight departs from Philadelphia (on time wooo!)
7:20 a.m. Arrive in Madrid (all I had to do for customs was hand the guy my passport. He stamped it and handed it back, and I strolled out)
8:20 a.m. Get in cab to train station (most terrifying step because this is where the Taken part happens. My flight across the Atlantic offered both Taken and Taken 2. I did not hesitate to skip past those when scrolling through the movie menu)
8:55 a.m. Arrive at Puerta de Atocha, which is the train station I’m at now. The cab ride cost exactly €50, which was perfect because I only have €50 notes. (Thank goodness it’s not customary to tip cab drivers here)

Now it’s 9:36, and I’m waiting for my 11:35 train to Pamplona. One of my roommates is supposed to meet me at the Pamplona train station when I arrive at 2:45 — trying hard to memorize her face from Facebook photos now.

camped out at the train station cafe in Madrid