Day 1 in the Big Apple

I like looking for themes in my life, and I couldn’t resist this one.

But really, what is it with me and apples? When I named this blog, I didn’t realize it would become a motif in my life. I originally chose the name of an apple variety because:
1. I like eating fruit, especially apples.
2. I like learning, which apples symbolize.
3. One of my favorite student organizations at UNC is a service-learning program called APPLES.
4. Apples grow on trees and I like climbing trees (a stretch I know; just go with it).

And now the Braeburn Blog has made it to what I wonder might be its peak: the Big Apple. The stars have aligned, and here we are.

My incredibly convenient train from Rocky Mount arrived in Penn Station last night. After dropping off my stuff in the apartment (which I was immensely relieved to know existed) (my housing search is a long, painful story not worth recounting), I went to dinner with my roommate Ellie and her mom. Ellie is a friend from Duke whose room I shared in the spring of sophomore year when I was at Duke for my Robertson “Semester Switch.” I am very happy to have a flatmate this summer who is not only already my friend but also someone whom I already know is easy to live with!

We dined at a small, classy Spanish-inspired restaurant very close to the apartment. I ate every bite of my deliciously flavorful mushroom fettucini (and also enjoyed getting to know Ellie’s mom and catching up on what the two of them had been up to this weekend). Ellie’s enthusiasm for the city definitely augments mine and helped settle my initial (and typical) arrival fears/worries.

This morning I slept in then went for a beautiful run in Central Park. Living the dream 100%.

feels surreal
This is how close my apartment is to Central Park.

After a couple of grocery shopping trips, I spent most of the afternoon online researching things to do in the city this summer and organizing Google docs of music festivals, outdoor theater performances, and cafes and restaurants to check out. Maybe I do have a career in trip planning after all… At least for now, I’ve got my hands full planning my own summer plus my grandparents’ upcoming weekend visit. (Hopefully by then I’ll be familiar enough with the city to be their tour guide!)

my bedroom. creepy lighting because of the lamp, but it’s actually a really cozy room — and the window is 70% sky!

living room (I took down all the uncomfortably personal photographs left by the original tenant.)
the doorway on the right is to my bedroom
cute little kitchen (Ellie’s room is off to the right — and we each get our own bathroom!)