Day 2: The Mundane and the Exotic

As the title suggests, this day’s activities range from the commonplace (grocery shopping) to the more unconventional…

I love all the unique local places here, so I felt guilty for grocery shopping at Walmart. But Katie and I wanted to buy pet goldfish, so I figured I might as well get everything in one trip. I did wait to buy my produce, though, at the Thursday farmers market in mid-city New Orleans. All day it was rainy but it was really pouring when I was at the market. Everyone had tents over their tables, because the market happens rain or shine.

One of the reasons I’m so excited to work at Crescent City Farmers Market this summer is because of what it makes possible. On a very basic level, I love fresh foods and eating healthy, so that aspect alone makes me happy. But beyond that, I love the personal interaction the market facilitates. Being able to hand cash to the farmer who grew the eggplant in my hand. Having the boy by one of the tomato stands teach me about the tomato varieties on his table. Talking to a woman about the ingredients in the soup she makes, and sampling the different kinds. Those things don’t happen at Walmart.

Later in the evening, a couple of the other girls and I tried an alternative way of working out. The idea struck me as ridiculous at first, but then I decided why not try it: a pole-dancing class. A lot of my family and friends at home would be appalled by the idea, but doesn’t the Bible teach that eating with tax collectors isn’t the same as being one? Turns out the class wasn’t at all about women flaunting their sexuality in front of men. There were no men there; the women did it for fun and a lot of them never intended to dance for an audience. There were women of all different body types, and it seemed that their main goal was to use this activity as a fun new way of getting in shape. The class is actually called “pole fitness” and we did a lot of ab work and other toning exercises. I don’t think I’ll be going back, but it was really fun. I’m always down for trying something new!

 Speaking of new, meet the latest additions to the condominium family! Names TBD