Day 3

This morning I went on a free walking tour of downtown. It was about two hours long and took us past some of the most famous buildings. Like El Congreso, where the laws are made, La Casa Rosada, where the President works, and El Obolisco, like their very own Washington Monument. I also saw an office building built about 100 years ago to reflect Dante’s Divine Comedy. There are 22 floors and 22 verses; it’s 100m tall and there are 100 stories; etc.

El Cabildo. They have to paint it every week due to graffiti 

La Casa Rosada, the equivalent to our White House

Then I got lunch (a sushi roll— yayy big cities!) before meeting up with Léa at la librería Ateneo, which is housed in a 100-year-old theater with a gorgeous ceiling and molding. There’s a cafe in the back, directly on the stage. So you walk between huge heavy red curtains and sit at a table onstage, looking out over the bookstore with that stunning ceiling way up high, making you feel like you’re in the Sistine Chapel.

The two of us walked from there to a tango school, where we met up with Marlon for FOUR HOURS of dance. An hour and a half of tango lessons immediately followed by an hour and a half of salsa lessons immediately followed by an hour of practice. As anyone reading this probably knows, dancing in general is hard enough for me. Picture me at Junior Miss practice, and then add to that me trying to learn in a foreign language. Yeah not good. I had a blast, but I feel bad for everyone who had to dance with me.