First Day of Class!

Technically UNAV’s FDOC was last Wednesday, the day I had orientation. But international students get about three weeks to settle on a class schedule, and I haven’t sensed much urgency from administrators on us actually attending class until then.

Maybe it’s because they know I won’t actually understand what my professors are saying anyway, so it doesn’t matter either way.

However, I can count on one hand the times I’ve skipped class (ever) (and those were all for legitimate reasons!) sooo yesterday I attended class.

9 a.m. Gestión de Marketing (Marketing Strategy). I understood the words the professor used, for the most part. There was a powerpoint slideshow that had a lot of charts with words like “producto” and “compañía.” Just hoping I wasn’t supposed to retain any information in particular. 

11 a.m. Visit to IT Services to get my laptop connected to the campus wifi. An hour spent in vain. Apparently my computer has an American immune system that recognizes the campus wifi as a foreign invader it must fight off. Thank God my iPhone doesn’t have this issue.

12:30 p.m. Sitting in my room spending yet more frustrating hours trying to navigate the UNAV website to find more classes that might give me UNC credit.

3 p.m. Investigación de Mercados (Business Research). I asked the professor after class, “If I need help in this class, what should I do?”

Profa.: What kind of help do you mean?
Me: Like if I don’t understand something
Her: Do you understand when I speak during lecture?
Me: ….. yes? (hopefully????)
Her: Okay, well if you ever have a question you can just ask me after class!

But what I’m worried about is sitting through a two-hour lecture and not following any of it. Or thinking that I understand but missing the point. In short, not knowing what I don’t understand.

In the evening I went to Brooke’s apartment to make guacamole, to which we accidentally added baking soda en vez de salt. Turned out less salty and more fizzy. I’m copyrighting this invention as Sparkling Guacamole.

Then I went to a medieval Spanish art class that I thought was at 7 p.m. — but turns out the time and place I had followed was the professor’s office hours rather than the class session. I now know that the class happens tomorrow during another of my classes. I’ll have to find a new one to take its place.

My day ended in a cheering sort of way with a dinner party at Trevor’s apartment. In other words, a potluck plethora of pasta profoundly pleases the palate. Some things are true wherever you go…