I’m a reg

I reached an important milestone in my time here: I now can consider myself a regular at the cafe outside my work! This morning the waitress who works there brought my coffee exactly the way I like it, without even asking. I wasn’t paying attention, so it caught me by surprise. When she set down the coffee unprompted, I was unreasonably happy.

Similarly, the people who work at the place where I buy lunch now greet me with familiarity. I remember the first time I went there with my coworkers. All my coworkers greeted the employees with the standard kiss on the cheek, while I stood somewhat awkwardly off to the side. Now I’m included in the kisses too, which makes me happy. I like to think that I’ve established myself here, in however small of ways.

Today after work I went home to Dad’s condo and stayed there til nearly midnight. Léa came over and met everyone briefly before they headed off to a tango show. The weather was incredibly warm today, so Léa and I spent the entire evening on the rooftop patio with glasses of wine and a platter of fruit and cheese. It couldn’t have been more perfect.