From 2018 to 2019, I hosted and produced the Morehead-Cain Foundation podcast, Catalyze. In Nashville, TN, I reported for Nashville Public Radio (WPLN), and some of my pieces were selected for NPR’s Here & Now show. I’ve produced podcasts for Nashville-based startup Health:Further and Southern Foodways Alliance’s James Beard Award-winning podcast Gravy. I’m also a video-based teacher for the online learning platform Skillshare.

During the announcement of Catalyze, the Morehead-Cain podcast, I ask the scholar body who among them regularly listens to podcasts.

Catalyze: A podcast I designed and pitched for the Morehead-Cain Foundation. As the podcast’s producer and host, I planned each season’s topical theme, conducted interviews, and completed all post-production editing.

Contributing Factors: I reported, wrote, produced and hosted this series about how depression is understood, experienced and treated throughout our health system and society.

Vertical Farming Sprouts up in Tennessee Greenhouses: Pitched and reported for Nashville Public Radio; selected for NPR’s Here & Now show, which reaches 5 million weekly listeners on more than 450 stations across the country.

Health:Further 2017 Festival Preview: A promotional podcast episode previewing the Health:Further Festival’s 2017 speakers and topics. This quickly became the most popular episode on the Future of Health podcast.

Farmers’ Blues: A podcast episode exploring the challenges of finding and affording farmland in Middle Tennessee. Pitched and produced for Southern Foodways Alliance’s James Beard Award-winning podcast Gravy. My episode was downloaded 23,000 times.

Middle Tennessee’s Aspiring Farmers Struggle to Find Affordable Land: A radio story based on the podcast episode linked above. Pitched and reported for Nashville Public Radio.

How a Nashville Ultimate Frisbee Player Became the First Woman to Go Pro: Reported for Nashville Public Radio.

Immigrant Demand for Rental Kitchen Space Drives Expansion of Nashville’s Mesa Komal: Pitched and reported for Nashville Public Radio.

Swimming Started Sonia Thompson on a Path of Rediscovery: Wrote script for Flip Turns podcast, produced by marketing expert Chris Conner.

Beginner’s Guide to Building a Personal Website: Recruited by online learning platform Skillshare to produce a video-based class using my expertise as a freelancer. Selected as a top teacher and featured on the Skillshare website.

How to Pitch an Idea: Highlighted as a top 1% class on Skillshare.

How to Make a Podcast: Selected for special marketing (“Teachers to Watch”) by the Skillshare platform.