Rocking/Going Out

Happy hour, Fall Out Boy and a rooftop party: Does this sound fun yet?

Thursday: A productive day at Slow Food, laying out the organizational foundations of our magazine production (setting deadlines, organizing to-do lists, etc.). Met up with a friend of a friend for happy hour downtown. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her, and we sat there for a solid two hours. We both declined a third drink when the bartender asked, but he treated us to it anyway, so I walked home feeling decidedly tipsy. Got home around 8 p.m. and could think of nothing productive that I was capable of doing, so decided pretty quickly to just go to bed in anticipation of my next morning.

me @ Fall Out Boy concert circa 6 a.m.

Friday: Woke up at 4:15 a.m. for the free Fall Out Boy concert at The Today Show. Arrived before 6, waited in line reading HP for two hours, listened to the band play three songs, then walked to work. Ellie told me that it was very classic Caroline to read Harry Potter in Spanish by myself on the sidewalk at 6 a.m. while waiting for a Fall Out Boy concert.

the line for the concert

what I did while waiting

Today Show woohoo who spotted me on TV??

A full day of meetings at work. Got some positive feedback from my supervisor in our one-on-one time. He also challenged me to try stepping back in situations where I might feel more comfortable than my partner in speaking up (e.g. when introducing our program to potential community partners) so as to allow my partner to develop his skills. That’s challenging for me but a super important lesson, because I know I have the tendency to dominate a conversation when I feel confident about the subject matter.

Came home and considered taking a nap but then remembered my online class had started. I did my 20 pages of reading and, periodically interrupted by long conversations with various friends through various forms of communication technology, wrote up an excellent 600-word response to post on the discussion board just before the deadline. Of course, as soon as I clicked “post,” the system logged me out and erased all my writing. So I sent a pathetic, panicky email to my professor on our first day of class begging for a deadline extension, and then rewrote my reading response. All this made me an hour late for my evening plans. So I skipped the shower, haphazardly threw together an outfit, then met up with Joanna at Union Square before walking a MILE in my platform wedge heels to a rooftop birthday party. A friend of a friend was turning 21 and had a sweet apartment with a rooftop deck. It was easily one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. The crowd was about 99% UNC students, some of whom I already knew casually and most of whom I had tons of mutual friends with. Around midnight we went to a bar where the birthday boy miraculously convinced the huge, gruff bouncer to let in the under-21s of our group. I had a blast the entire night (I even came home with the number of a guy whose last name in my phone is, classically, the name of the bar where we met).

with Joanna at the rooftop party