Salta dulce, Parte II

More stories in photos from my weekend in the Salta and Jujuy provinces in the northwestern corner of Argentina.

feeding a llama

traditional wares

I miss the sun.
street vendors in Cafayate
this little boy was so cute, peeking out at me 

those bags are filled with a snack like kettle corn popcorn but made with quinoa
Remember that cute llama I fed? I ate llama, too
I also found a salad with more than lettuce and tomato! Highlight of my day.
A peña, where people play traditional music and dance traditional dances during dinner.
tamale: inside the husk is cornmeal with a beef filling
our lunch friends were from Uruguay
locro: a traditional stew made of beans and squash and ham, but I always give the ham part to Léa 
Léa’s goat stew
dessert: queso con miel (cheese with honey)


  1. Susan - July 29, 2013 @ 10:00 pm

    My, my. This is where my fun and enjoyment would part ways with my digestive system! Not sure I could pet a llama one day and eat it the next!

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