Sun has come back to my life.

Pamplona enjoys an average of three sunlight hours each day of January and just four in February. By March it’s five hours of sunlight a day, and in April it’s six. This is because the median cloud cover ranges from 87 percent in January to 71 percent in May.

According to my cursory online research, early March is the magical turning point for weather improvement, and today was SUNNY AND WARM.

I was in class from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., but I skipped my 12-2 class because I couldn’t go back inside after stationing myself on the grassy slope outside the communications building, which faces the sun. I didn’t even try to make myself get up. I was pinned down by the rays of light caressing my face and arms.

Brooke, upon hearing from someone who had seen me outside that I wasn’t going to class, immediately left “to go to the bathroom” and joined me. She stayed outside with me for the full two hours, returning only at the end to collect her belongings from the classroom. Then we went and got gelato, followed by a jug of sangrĂ­a enjoyed at a table outside.

I went to my 3 p.m. class a little tipsy, but it’s just a lecture so it didn’t matter. I was high on sunshine. After class, I came back to my apartment, scarfed down some chips and salsa, and then took my blanket into the park behind my apartment for a nap in the last hour of sun.

grass and sun: all I’ll ever need to be happy

It’s like until now, I was simply surviving each day. I think I might secretly be reptilian. Sun is to me what it is to snakes and lizards.