Saturday: Woken up unnecessarily early by my dear friend Joanna, who felt lonely being the only person awake at 8 a.m. Cleaned the apartment (good for my mental health) and then spent a couple of hours at one of my favorite cafes so far, a place called Joe’s over by Columbia. It’s on the second floor of a corner building and sports a wall and a half of floor-length windows, which not only let in tons of natural light but also afford a super fun view of the street intersection. I am a fan of the place also because they gave me a coupon for a free drink after forgetting to fill my order. Also they have delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies.

love her

I spent the afternoon with Joanna and her friends (who go to UNC, woo!) sitting in a sunny field in Central Park, taking photos on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum, and devouring a delicious Asian fusion dinner.

Met rooftop

Sunday: Slept in beautifully, then went to a food market in Brooklyn with Jasen (the friend of Yasamin’s with whom I got crepes last week). At the market, I ate: a vegetable empanada (my enjoyment of it hugely amplified by my hunger level), cold spicy peanut noodles (delicious), and lemon basil shaved ice (wonderfully refreshing). I also drank an entire coconut (extremely fun). I spent a lot of money very happily. Now I’m at a tea shop in Harlem working on my computer until it’s time to go to dinner with Ellie and her friend Eugene.

it’s safe to say I’m enjoying this summer
with Jasen at Smorgasberg, the Brooklyn Sunday food market