the best reunion yet :)

This weekend I was reunited with the love of my life after more than seven months apart — the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other since we met three years ago. Warning: sappy outpouring of love to follow.

After knowing each other for only a few weeks we started calling each other twins because the list of commonalities we share is gargantuan. We just clicked from the beginning. Even though our families are very different, we somehow share nearly identical worldviews and find ourselves agreeing on everything from food to friends to boys, on and on. When we take those dumb online Buzzfeed quizzes like “What kind of dog are you” or “What kind of sandwich are you,” we ALWAYS get the same answer.

But beyond having so much in common, I admire her immensely — her dedication to always doing and being her best, her joyful spirit, her openness and honesty, her loyalty and sensitivity and compassion… She’s truly a beautiful soul.

We spent all of Saturday just talking. We walked from 117th to 57th (all the way through Central Park), and then back up about halfway for a Thai dinner with a group of other friends.
That night I got a group of people to come over to the apartment to hang out. Since almost all of my friends are now (newly) 21, it can be hard to convince people to stay in at night! But it was a great group  — Alban, Ellie, Emily, Jasen, his friend Brandon, and our friend Oren. 
with John, Emily and Alban in Central Park
This morning I joined Alban with her parents and a few older relatives for a birthday brunch for Alban’s uncle. It was really pleasant and made me miss my own family! Janie got home from Texas today, the twins got home last week, and Davis yesterday. So everyone is together except for me :/
I think these 10 weeks in NYC were the perfect amount of time. I am still having fun but definitely excited to go home in just a few days!