the cafe/club cycle

Okay, life before the Nickel Creek concert….  Does anything before the Nickel Creek concert actually matter?

My delicious Korean lunch on Friday mattered.

Instead I’ll write about the rest of this weekend. Friday was a typical City Harvest office day. I met with my supervisor one-on-one to talk about how to maximize my last two weeks. She gave me some positive feedback on my work so far, which is always nice to hear. After I got back to my apartment, I decided a nap would be nice. I fell asleep around 6 p.m. and pretty much slept soundly until 9 a.m.

That’s 15 hours of sleep. Not only had I not realized I was that tired, I didn’t even know I was capable of sleeping that much! Three weeks of going going going without a pause, climaxing in my final exam and the Nickel Creek concert, must have absolutely exhausted me. I’m definitely losing the stamina I used to have. In high school and extended parts of the past few years of college I pushed myself way harder than I have this summer. I remember junior year of high school I wouldn’t consider it unusual to get four hours of sleep on a school night. In the fall semester of my sophomore year of college I’d average about five hours a night — six was something to celebrate.

I’m definitely accelerating the shortening of my telomeres when I do that.

Only in the past year or so have I really prioritized getting at least seven hours of sleep a night. And more than that, my semester in Spain really taught me the importance of slowing down my life overall — e.g., taking time to sit in the grass and prioritizing chill “hanging out” time with friends.

Anyway, Saturday was beautiful because I woke up early feeling exceedingly well-rested. I spent two hours deep-cleaning the apartment, then cafe-hopped until dinnertime. Realizing that I hadn’t spoken to anyone in more than 24 hours (beyond ordering at a cafe), I decided to go out, and had yet another of the wild club nights I never used to think I’d enjoy…

the crumb sanctuary I found under our microwave
this couple was grooving in the most adorably awkward way 
with Mattie and Jasen 
Today is round two of cafe productivity. I have already downed two soy lattes (which unfortunately taste like media law after the solid week I spent with the two during finals last December). After I finish catching up on my blog, I’m going to send out the mentor match assignments for the incoming first-year Robertson scholars. I love working on the mentoring program because I love getting to know first-years! It reminds me of how clueless I was three years ago and makes me feel cool for having figured out at least a couple of things in my life. 
my wonderful detox/hangover breakfast: spinach egg scramble (with onions, tomatoes, avocado and salsa) on whole wheat toast