Tourist or Resident?

Thursday was an excellent combination of full-on tourist and semi-permanent resident activities.

Among the acquisitions in favor of my semi-permanent resident status: 
  • Spanish cell phone
  • Spanish plant for my windowsill
  • Spanish bank account
Among the acquisitions in favor of my semi-permanent tourist status:
  • 200 new photos
  • one wrinkled map and two sore feet from six hours of exploring “Old Town”
  • a growing sense of amazement and fondness for this beautiful and charming city

so many lovely parks here 
the lion is a symbol of Spain
bein artsi
with Brooke on the ancient wall that protected Pamplona and the frontier behind it from French attacks in the 1500s 
like a charming version of Buenos Aires’s La Boca

the stadium where the bull fights are!! 
ppl gettin gored 
a cause for celebration, right? 
everything the light touches… 
What they have instead of road signs. Is this Av. Sancho el Fuerte? All that the signs can tell me is that it’s the way to Madrid…
La Ciudadela: “the finest example of military architecture from the Spanish Renaissance.”
Built between 1571 and 1645; now a popular park