Yesterday I told a girl who’s lived here for three years that I had spent the weekend in Valencia.

“Why?” she asked. “That seems kind of random.”

I was taken aback. Why would I go (or not go) anywhere in Spain? Valencia isn’t as popular as bigger cities like Barcelona and Madrid, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting.

Things that make Valencia worth visiting:

  • largest aquarium in Europe
  • 600-year-old towers that you can climb
  • a beautiful green riverbed-turned-park that winds throughout the whole city
  • bike day rentals for less than €10 (plus bike paths on every road)
  • a wide beach and bright blue water (the Mediterranean sea!!!)
  • sunny plazas and artistic fountains
  • lots of mosaics
  • lots of really cool graffiti
  • and more! (sorry cant help it ive been reading too many guide books)
A weekend in pictures:
pre-dinner sangría and cheese the night we arrived
this is a very old and important building (I’m assuming)
Brooke is an amazing photographer
oh, the irony
I think I’m going to stop eating seafood… after I get home from Spain
the three-course meal plus drinks cost €10.90 or USD$14.78
so above all this
El Mercado Central, the largest active market in Europe
my kind of display
to anyone who can’t eat gluten, I am so so sorry

riding bikes with our new Mexican friend Gabino, whom we met at the hostel
riding through the riverbed-turned-park
admiring graffiti 
posing with grafitti
my favorite graffiti in the city
more graffiti
more grafitti 
this building is famous
so is this one (but I overexposed the picture, sadface)
there were a lot of weird modern structures
our maps were terribly unhelpful
but we found the beach!
the source of my happiness 
cool fountain
We found a store called A Taste of America: The Original American Supermarket. A box of Kraft mac & cheese went for €6 (which is USD$8) and here’s the cost of Aunt Jemima’s syrup…

photocredit Brooke Eller
casually posing on top of a 600-year-old tower
no one stopped me from walking along the ledge #daredevil
in front of the towers
the Valencian flag