Looking Back on New Orleans

This is a two-page piece I wrote for my “Writing Journeys” class. The prompt was “write about a travel experience that defines your personality.” I like how it summarizes the significance of my summer, so I thought I’d share it here.

• • •

The Healing Power of Two Hummuses

Yesterday as I was walking from my car to my dorm after work, I felt antsy. The sunset was turning the sky cotton candy pinks and blues, and the air was pleasant, and I was craving a run. So I went straight to my room, changed into workout clothes, and headed out.

• • •

Ay Que Fabuloso!

Voy a Buenos Aires este verano! The founder of the start-up I might work with told me in my interview that they want me to blog for them in both English and Spanish. So to practice I’m going to do all my blog posts in Spanish from now on.

• • •
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