From here to there and back again: The How

AKA The Stories of My Struggles and Successes in Transit

Pamplona To Geneva — in 20 Easy Steps!
1. Walk from class to the bus station.
2. Take a bus to Soria (2.5 hrs).
3. Take another bus from Soria to Madrid airport (2.5 hrs).
4. Enter terminal (1 hr before flight departs); go through security.
5. Look for gate number on big screen.
6. Not seeing flight listed, inquire at information desk.
7. What do you mean, this flight isn’t here?!
8. Panic at the thought that you’re in the wrong airport because flight boards in less than 30 minutes.
9. Get escorted backwards through security.
10. Run to bus outside that supposedly takes me to the correct terminal.
11. Fidget nervously for 10 seconds, then tell bus driver estoy muy tarde and podemos ir ya?
12. Request rejected; apparently the bus is on a schedule and can’t leave for three more minutes.
13. Yes, this is the fastest way to Terminal 2.
14. Try hard not to look at watch, fidget fidget.
15. Finally en route to Terminal 2 (takes AT LEAST six minutes to get there)
16. Run to security line, squeeze past everyone “porfa, ¡estoy tarde! ¿puedo pasar? gracias, gracias
17. Dash to gate just before it closes. Slump, relieved, in seat.
18. From Geneva airport, take train to Nyon
19. Ask nice-looking stranger for his cell phone to call Léa to tell her what time to meet me at the Nyon train station.
20. With Léa, catch a bus from Nyon to her house in the area outside Geneve.

Getting home: bus —> train —> plane —> train —> other train —> taxi

Pamplona to London: A Miraculous Itinerary
5:00 a.m. Alarm
5:45 a.m. Call taxi for 15-minute ride to train station
6:25 a.m. Train departs Pamplona
10:10 a.m. Arrive in Barcelona
10:45 a.m. Craving sushi but no restaurants serve lunch til 1 p.m. Settle for back-to-back coffees with croissants at two different cafes
12:15 p.m. Catch train for 25-minute trip to airport
12:55 p.m. Big screen in terminal says that gate information will be posted in 40 minutes. Fail to consider the important fact that my flight should be boarding in 30 minutes. Check screen 40 minutes later, says “BOARDING” in flashing letters.
1:35 p.m. Speed-walk to gate
1:40 p.m. What do you mean, the gate closed 10 minutes ago?? I’ve been waiting for 45 minutes to find out where the gate is!!! Please please please let me board, please please please pleaseeee
1:43 p.m. Shuttle bus driver drives back to gate to give me an exclusive ride to the plane on the tarmac.
1:46 p.m. Hurriedly board plane, pumping adrenaline as if I had literally dodged a bullet.
2:00 pm. Plane takes off.
3:35 p.m. Catch train to Liverpool Station to meet Brenna
5:00 p.m. Subway to Brenna’s apartment

Getting home: subway —> train —> plane —> train —> BlaBla Car*!

*See separate post on the BlaBla Car system