At college, we love to celebrate LDOC: the Last Day of Class. Today was my Last Day of Work. It felt like walking out of my last exam in May. Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tJoIaXZ0rw 

After work, I met up with a friend from Duke who’s here for a semester abroad (she arrived two days ago) and we exchanged expectations and perceptions about Buenos Aires. It was a pensive day for me, thinking a lot about where I started and where I am now and how to process the meaning of it all.

Later I went to a private wine tasting in my neighborhood. I had a lot of fun and learned lots about how to taste wine as well as more about the production process. This tiny bit of experience in the world of wine has made me want to have the opportunity to learn more about wine in the future.

Came home and packed up my entire room, because my lease officially ends tomorrow! I’m leaving a couple of bags here while I trip off to Iguazú and returning to pick them up on Monday just before my flight home. How exciting to be packing up already! It seems to have come so suddenly. I still have a few days left — a few days of wonderful adventure! — but I’m so close to home, and I can hardly wait.