NOLA Day One!

After a 950 mile drive that took about almost 24 hours to complete (stopped in Clemson for dinner and spent the night in Montgomery), this afternoon I finally arrived in New Orleans! My Uncle Jimmy (a New Orleans native and the best tour guide I could ask for) took my dad and me, along with my housemate Katie, to a local lunch place for some of the best po’boys in the city. There were Christmas lights all over the ceiling and lots of random stuff on the walls in this restaurant. Dad called it tacky but it reminded me of my dorm room… oops. But we all agreed it was a fun atmosphere.

After lunch, Jimmy drove us all around in the city, explaining points of interest and throwing out so many recommendations I actually took notes on my phone (“no cover charge at Spotted Cat. order gumbo at Cochon.”) I’m so glad to have him as a resource this summer.

I spent a couple of hours moving into my condo, which is in a fantastic location near Magazine Street in the Garden District. I’m sharing a unit with two other girls. There are four more girls living in the unit downstairs and five guys next door to them. Half of us have arrived so far and everyone should be here within the next week or so. I’m expecting it to be a little challenging but a lot of fun for the twelve of us to be living together for the next two months.

Dad, Jimmy, and I ate at one of Jimmy’s favorite restaurants for dinner—I tried the homemade turtle soup au sherry—then got beignets and coffee from Cafe du Monde.

This should probably count as Day 0 rather than Day 1 since I’ve only been here a few hours but I’ve already eaten a clam-and-shrimp po’boy, taken pictures of the Superdome, been introduced to Sno-balls, walked around the French Quarter, eaten at Cafe du Monde, and seen/learned about so much of the city (albeit through a car window), I feel like today has earned status as Day 1. Here’s to 56 more days that are just as full and fun!