Quick update

What a week! Having family here is so much fun. I’ve come over to the condo every day this week after work to hang out with Dad, June, Sammy, and Louise. We sit and talk and drink wine until it’s time for dinner.

I spent last night here because they have an extra bedroom. Today we went to a ranch an hour north of the city. Horseback riding, carriage rides, tango, folklore, and gaucho dancing, plus a huge lunch (meat on meat on meat yummm… But actually there we some nice salads too). And at the end was an impressive show of horsemanship where the gauchos (Argentine cowboys) at full gallop snatched a silver ring hanging on a string.

This post is almost embarrassingly sparse, but I’m tapping it slowly on Louise’s iPad. I have photos to upload and more details to share, so I’ll come back to spruce it up once I move back in at my apartment. Enjoying the life of luxury for the while, shirking my blogging responsibilities– but I just wanted to write something quick to appease anyone who might get concerned at prolonged silence.

Check back for a better version of this post later this weekend!


  1. Griffin - July 21, 2013 @ 5:54 am

    Yes, Aunt Brenda looks forward to the daily posts! Glad you are having fun with family and friends!
    Love ya!

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