the not-quite-daily not-quite-grind

As I mentioned before, my free time in the last few weeks has been pretty dominated by my online class. The final exam was this past Thursday, the final paper was due the Friday before, and the midterm was the week before that. I am so glad to be free of that!

Nonetheless, I still had very fun weekends, including one night when I went to an apartment-warming party with Ellie and then met up with some UNC friends at a speakeasy bar — where I serendipitously found several other friends who I hadn’t expected at all to see!

It was an impromptu Governor’s School reunion (friends I met at a program the summer I was 17)

Work has been carrying on as normal, with Slow Food every Monday and Thursday, and City Harvest every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. This past Monday I took some Slow Food time to shoot photos at a Spanish tapas restaurant, which was super fun. Last week I met with my supervisor for the first time in several weeks. It was nice to touch base and get some feedback on the work I had been doing so that I could refresh my to-do list and plow forward with new mini-projects.

I’ve been leading City Harvest grocery store tours every Tuesday (in northwest Queens) and Wednesday (in Bed-Stuy). Those are always fun and rewarding, despite small challenges such as people who show up solely for the free food or people who are way too ADD and wander off during the tour to do their own shopping. Fridays are when we have the discussion program built into the internship. Every week we hear from someone in a different department of City Harvest who talks about a topic like “insight into the major donor” or “gentrification in CH Healthy Neighborhoods.” It’s always super interesting, and I’m sad that I’m missing the last two weeks of the program (as my internship is ending two weeks early due to my semester starting before the other interns).

cool breakfast, bro.