To market, to market…

This was probably the best weekend I’ve had in Buenos Aires. Nothing can compare to the travels I’ve done, of course. But for the time I’ve been here in the city, this was hard to beat.

Yesterday was nice, with the touristy stuff I got to check off my list, and today was even better. Turns out I didn’t go to last night’s party after all: didn’t wake up from my nap til 7am this morning. Oh, well. I worked on planning my IguazĂș trip, went running, and then met up with my friend Sarah at an organic street market in my neighborhood. I’m a sucker for things like that. Free samples of cheeses, olive oils, and every baked good imaginable. I wanted to buy it all, but I limited myself to a very satisfying quinoa brownie.

We made the rounds, fighting the crowds for the free samples, and then headed over to a different neighborhood for the famous San Telmo antiques market. Antiques really aren’t the focus, as every kind of artisan is out there with their wares. Jewelry, bags, shoes, decorative knickknacks, all sorts of souvenirs, etc. It was extremely crowded, but I was impressed by the range of handmade products. On the whole, it was a lot less tacky and kitschy than I expected. I plan to go back next week with Dad, June, and crew!

We met up with our friends Reem and Jen there, and also met their friend, a guy from Argentina whose name I have forgotten. He just moved to Buenos Aires from a town outside the city and told us he’d invite is to his housewarming party, yay! It’s bound to be mostly Argentinians, and I love a good opportunity for Spanish conversation practice.

Didn’t take my camera with me this weekend, so I don’t have any new photos, but I can repost some after my friends load theirs to Facebook.


  1. Griffin - July 16, 2013 @ 7:19 pm

    Caroline, I am enjoying your blog so much! You really make your experiences come to life! I appreciate the time you are putting into it so we can experience it too!
    Aunt Brenda

  2. Susan - July 29, 2013 @ 10:17 pm

    Can't wait to see what jewelry you bought for me!

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