Top Six Reasons Why I’d Be a Seahorse

I was just reminiscing about my summer in New Orleans and came across this photo of me at the aquarium, reminding me of how much I admire seahorses.

Here are the top six reasons why, if I could, I would be a seahorse:

1. The males carry and deliver the babies. (My dream husband)
2. They eat constantly. (If I could do anything without consequence…)
3. They live underwater. (I actually dream more often about living underwater than about flying.)
4. They have prehensile tails. (Like a monkey!)
5. They can move each eye independently. (One of my secret talents.)
6. They’re monogamous (which I think is sweet).

All I want for Christmas is a seahorse?

But actually. I don’t know if these can be kept as pets, but as soon as my life becomes stable (hopefully starting around fall 2015?) I’m looking into owning one. Company for my beloved windowsill succulent:

<3 <3 <3