Work is Boring; Parties are Fun

I realized last night how much Argentinians mumble when they talk. I met a Guatemalan at a party, and I was shocked by how easy she was to understand. She spoke clearly! It was beautiful. And she used words I knew, and pronounced them the way I’m used to… There’s so much Argentine slang, and the castellano pronunciation throws me off every day.

At the same party I met a British boy who knows one person at UNC… and that person is my friend’s brother. Go figure.

Other things I did yesterday… At work I read the company website until my boss arrived, at which point I sat and watched her edit and post a blog entry. Then I spent about an hour editing old blog posts, until it was time to go.

Then I met up with Léa and we walked around downtown, did some sightseeing, visited the oldest cafe in the country (built 1858), walked around some more, and went to dinner at the early hour of 8:30 p.m.

I’m writing this at work because today is much like yesterday. I’m editing blog posts about festivals and concerts that happened a couple years ago in Rio. If you have any questions about the 2012 Carnival parades in Rio, let me know!


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