A week in review

Okay unfortunately I gave my memory card to Léa so she could download all the Salta pictures, so I still don’t have photos from the estancia (ranch). 

But take my word for it that it was fun. The gauchos (traditional Argentine cowboys) were all super friendly and good-natured. The same group of men led the horseback rides and the carriage rides, served the lunch, and performed the gaucho show at the end. I was impressed by their well-roundedness, at the very least.
I’m struggling to remember my week right now. It slipped by so pleasantly. I’m going to recount the days in reverse, because that’s easier for me to remember than chronologically.
Sunday was the street market day. I went to church with Dad, June, and Sammy before braving the windy cold for some shopping at the famous San Telmo street market. We also visited an old restored mansion with some cool tunnels underneath.
Saturday the adults went to Colonia, Uruguay, while I visited an art museum and took a graffiti tour. I learned that there are laws about graffiti (you can’t paint a wall that’s not yours), but they’re not enforced. The buildings of Buenos Aires are covered in paint ranging from simple tags (someone’s name spray-painted on a wall) to veritable street art (commissioned and often paid for). Some of it I like, some I don’t like but I can still appreciate, but a lot of it to me just looks tacky and/or dirty. It’s all a matter of taste, I guess.
Friday was the estancia day trip.
Thursday I remember vaguely was a terribly frustrating day in the office, followed by a wonderfully lovely dinner with Dad & crew. 
The week flew by with such good company to look forward to in the afternoons and to enjoy on the weekend. I’m glad I have only four days left here, because I already feel lonely without them! 
I leave Argentina exactly one week from today, but I leave Buenos Aires on Friday for a weekend at Iguazú Falls. Counting down the days!