The days following July 4 were super hectic, as I had a midterm exam for my online class on Tuesday which I completely ignored all weekend. So Sunday night and after work on Monday I studied for that pretty intensely. I had to take the 1.5-hour exam before 9 p.m. on Tuesday, but I still decided to take the time to go see the bluegrassy Chapel Hill-based band Mandolin Orange play in SoHo. I took the exam as soon as I got home and then devoted the rest of the evening to cleaning up my cluttered apartment, which I had entirely neglected while cramming for my exam.

Mandolin Orange

On Tuesday morning I woke up grumpy because I had stayed up late studying and not slept much, because it was hot, because my backpack was heavy, etc, etc. But then I led a nutrition tour in Spanish and my day was turned around completely. I still am not sure exactly why, but speaking Spanish brings me an incredible amount of joy. I definitely need a career where I can use it regularly.

My tour Wednesday was in English but was still very fun, as always. These are so rewarding because I know I’m giving adults the tools they need to make well-informed eating decisions for themselves and their kids or grandkids. And that is so very exciting and fulfilling for me! I feel lucky that my parents taught me basic nutrition and raised me on relatively healthy food, and I love being able to share that knowledge with others.

Thursday was pretty slow because I haven’t checked in with my SFUSA supervisor in a while and am losing my forward inertia on the magazine project. I’m should hear from her on Monday, though.

Other highlights of the week:

lunch theme of the week
homemade pizza with Sagar on Wednesday
so beautiful. so delicious.
aaaand I received my family’s birthday package to me in the mail! It chased me across the Atlantic and back over more than three months: Tarboro–>Spain–>Tarboro–>NYC