how much brunch does a half-marathon earn you?

 Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity. It started on Friday at 6am as I began the 2.5h drive to economist Arthur Laffer’s farmhouse in eastern Kentucky. As I drove through unincorporated towns with names like Marrowbone, Summer Shade and Tinsley’s Bottom, I was entranced by the rolling green fields speckled with brown cows and red barns, as well as the dark, furrowed clouds overhead.

I arrived having no idea who this man was, but quickly realized he was famous for his tax theory, known as the Laffer Curve. The paper napkin on which he drew said curve now lives in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in DC. 
I was there at Laffer’s house to record an interview conducted by BBC reporters over the phone. BBC recorded their end of the conversation in their studio, and I recorded Laffer’s responses with the equipment I have on loan from WPLN. As soon as I got back to Nashville, I sent BBC the audio file. They paid me several hundred dollars to drive myself to a farm and hold a mic. It was a great morning.
Laffer’s interview was about how his theory applies to President Trump’s proposed tax plan, which Laffer wholeheartedly supports. I felt a bit self-conscious driving away with the Clinton-Kaine sticker on my bumper. But only a tiny bit.
I drove straight from Laffer’s farm to the Nashville airport to pick up my baby sister!

We spent the whole weekend together, visiting the Frist…

Claire Morgan’s “Stop Me Feeling” –  a statement on the careless way humans interact with nature

…running the Music City Rock & Roll half marathon…

I beat last year’s time!

…eating beautiful food…

toad-in-the-hole at Butcher & Bee
We found Loveless Cafe to be underwhelming.

 …and sipping wine at a hillside vineyard with a jazz band playing behind us.

It’s strange how accustomed I’ve gotten to being alone. I loved spending such quality time with my sister but also found it exhausting to be with another human for three consecutive days. Will I be able to survive full-time office work, surrounded by other people for 8-10 hours per day??