Julian Robertson himself

Today I met with the man who is financially responsible for my entire college experience: Julian Robertson himself. I was a little nervous because I felt vaguely like I needed to somehow demonstrate to him in those 30 minutes that I was worthy of the scholarship, but it was actually a very fun conversation. He asked me how the program could be improved. I said by building and strengthening the alumni network — which has been a priority for the program staff for about a year already. I’m actually looking forward to helping with those efforts when I get back to school, by applying for the Robertson Alumni Council and potentially helping with an alumni newsletter.

48th floor reception room view

His office is on the 48th floor on the lower east side, with gorgeous panoramic views of downtown Manhattan, the Hudson River and the Jersey skyline. Probably the highlight of the visit was Mr. Robertson complimenting my green fingernails and then showing me around the grand office.

I started this morning with a quick check-in meeting in the Slow Food office and spent the rest of the afternoon working from home. This afternoon I plan to just relax after a busy couple of days with my friend Zach, who visited on his way home from a summer in Sweden. He’s probably my favorite person that I met while on my semester switch at Duke — but I was abroad the following summer, he was abroad the following fall, and then I went abroad in the spring. So it was even more special to see him this week, and we’re both looking forward to actually hanging out regularly next year.

love him