Lacking in the patriotism department

Today, the glorious Day of Independence of the United States of America, was entirely unremarkable in Buenos Aires. I figured that as the only American in the office, I could expect all the other countries represented to give me birthday presents. Not so. I totally relate to Harry Potter on page six of The Chamber of Secrets, when it’s his birthday but his aunt and uncle don’t even acknowledge it. Funny how I read that today when I was feeling the exact same disappointment.

Relating to Harry Potter was probably the most special part of my day. I went for a run and ate blue cheese and tomatoes for dinner, those were other highlights. Opened the latest bottle of wine in the Caroline Learns How to Enjoy Wine saga. Completely caught up on emails for the first time in weeks, that’s a nice feeling. Cleaned my room for the first time in weeks, as well. Not much else to report. I’m going to Salta tomorrow morning, so I apologize in advance for leaving this empty blog post as the last one for a few days. I’ll get back Tuesday afternoon and will try to post again that night!

My patriotic dinner