Reducetarian Summit

I’m addicted to NYC. I keep going back and I can’t stop myself. Having such great friends there is a big part of the draw:
Zaki waited in line over an hour for this. I showed up just in time to order! Note my “coconut ash” flavor — paired beautifully with green tea pistachio!

This was supposed to be a mid-afternoon snack. When I saw that a slice cost $5, I just assumed it was overpriced — never dreaming that it would be 5x bigger than a regular slice.

friends since age 17! #DYW
Robertson Class of 2015 reunion!
dosa with Niki <3

 But the real reason I went to NYC this time was for the Reducetarian Summit.

Founder/organizer Brian Kateman: “It’s not all or nothing.”
The idea behind the summit is reducing global consumption of animal products. All the meals and snacks served at the conference were vegan, but there were actually vegans protesting outside because they thought the “reducetarian” approach was too laid-back, or lenient. I, however, felt energized and inspired by it.

Conference Caro

As someone said onstage, the overall global impact is much higher if a large number of people each reduce their meat consumption slightly, rather than a smaller number of people giving up animal products entirely.

No cow’s milk for your coffee here!
I was psyched to hear my friend Richard McCarthy, director of Slow Food USA, speak on a panel about changes on the national/community level.

I’m not an extremist; I’m a thoughtful decision-maker. I weigh my values and choose what honors them the most, to the greatest extent possible. I’m vegetarian, and I support reduced global consumption of animal products. But love cheese, so I eat cheese. It’s easier for me to give up meat, seafood, and cow’s milk than it is for me to give up cheese — but I try to make sure the cheese I eat is from a small-scale, sustainable, humanely-run farm.

This conference aligned with my approach. I loved hearing the diversity of perspectives and ideas presented: a type of collaboration that wouldn’t be possible for someone insisting that everyone adhere to total veganism. For that exact reason, my favorite panel was about lab-engineered meat products — genetically authentic meat that eliminates the need for raising and butchering animals! So cool.

For more conference highlights, you can check out my Twitter feed, where I made prolific use of the #ReducetarianSummit hashtag.

And to cap off a fantastic weekend, I made a pit stop in Boston:

<3 our friendship gets better with time (and with each meal shared) <3

Note the cheese, egg, and meat on our pizza……….
Like I said, it’s about thoughtful, informed, and intentional decision-making 🙂