San Sebastián

Four hours was far from enough time to walk around the enchanting seaside city of San Sebastián today. The International Committee of UNAV planned the trip but gave us very little time to enjoy it; I’m absolutely going back.

Memorable moments:

  • I wore my hiking boots to protect my sore feet (from the ~12 miles Brooke and I hiked yesterday) and Georgina told me I looked like a model for a hiking advertisement, which I liked. 
  • Later a guy from Brazil told me my face looks very American, which I didn’t like as much.
  • I ate fried calamari in a lovely cafe by the sea, which made my soul as happy as my stomach.
  • Later I ate a delectable raisin bun on a lovely bench by the sea (which had pretty much the same effect as the calamari).
  • 60-degree weather isn’t a moment but a cause for celebration.
  • So is an incredibly blue (and sometimes green) ocean reflecting an incredibly blue sky.
couldn’t get enough
at breakfast/lunch with Juan Martín from Argentina and Brooke from UNC


that dog wanted that ball so bad but was too afraid of the waves to get it


  1. Griffin - January 12, 2014 @ 2:02 pm

    Wow! Calamari! Dwayne and I love fried calamari from the Bluewater in Wrightsville Beach! Am enjoying your blog very much! Love you!

    Aunt Brenda

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